If you’ve been to Refresh, then you know our Aimee (aka. Refresh’s Martha Stewart). She is an amazing Esthetician & Dermalogica Expert known for her fabulous facials and awe inspiring manicure & pedicure designs. She is so kind and considerate to everyone, that she treats her clients like family & they love her for it. Aimee is so mega talented in many ways. For years she’s brought in many delicious & extravagant cakes & cupcake creations for the staff to enjoy. If you’ve ever admired some of our wall art… yep, the glossy acrylic painting’s with sparkly stones are from Aimee too. But it doesn’t end there, she also sews, crafts, cooks, & farms. And if you didn’t know, she also has 16 small fluffy exotic chickens. She’s even created one of our most popular selling products called Sweet Lil’ Honey Bee Sugar Scrubs. An organic body scrub she developed all on her own – she puts so much love into them, they fly off our shelves! Her signature scents are Lemon Cream & Black Raspberry Vanilla.

Book with Aimee for one of her signature facial treatments (she especially loves working with our LED and microdermabrasion machines) and you will not be disappointed!