Marcel has been a hairstylist for 30+ years. You can say that hair styling is in his blood as his mother and father are still working in the industry. As the owner of ‘Salon Mancini’… Marcel Mancini sold his salon to Refresh Day Spa back in 2007, and has remained a chair rental ever since. His love of hair styling works well with his welcoming, kind personality, and with his meticulousness and artistic nature. Marcel’s number one focus is always his clients experience; this type of dedication and care makes him the best in the industry. He understands peoples face shapes, and hair types to creates looks to complement each and every one of his customers. But don’t let his sharp, and clean-cut disposition fool you as he is the biggest jokester of the staff. He loves to prank and surprise us with his comedic and spontaneous personality. Most people don’t know that he enjoys reading and gardening, loves to paint, owns real estate, has a giant life-size Batman, owns multiple custom-made Hollywood masks and costumes, and that he used to race in amateur motocross. When he is not working every day from morning till night at Refresh, he is spending quality time with his beautiful wife Kara, and his beloved dog, Tio.

Please call us (519-972-7329) and ask to be transferred to the salon to connect with Marcel for booking and pricing inquiries!