All Guests

Arriving promptly allows time to change into a comfortable robe, enjoy an unhurried cup of herbal tea and complete a brief medical history profile.  Please advise us of any medical conditions or health concerns.  To receive the full benefit of your spa experience, please arrive early.  As a courtesy to the next guest, late arrival will result in a shortened or rescheduled spa treatment.  (See our cancellation policy below.)

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours cancellation notice for any single service and 72 hours for any booking of multiple services.   When booking a group or party, reserving 10 or more hours, we require a credit card number for a deposit to reserve the time. If you need to cancel;  7 days is required for notice to cancel, otherwise you will lose your deposit.  Any group of 5 or more, we require a credit card for deposit to reserve your appointment times as well as 72 hours notice to cancel.  Due to compensation of loss wages and staff re-scheduling we must strictly adhere to this cancellation policy.  We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

After the Treatment

After the treatment, the therapist will likely tell you to take your time getting up.  This is an indicator that you have five minutes or so to clear out of the room, so they can make it ready for the next client.  Sometimes after a relaxing treatment, you can make yourself dizzy by getting up too fast, so heed the therapist’s advice, and adhere to this spa etiquette tip.

Special Conditions

With the utmost respect for your comfort and relaxation as well as others, cell phones should be set to silent or vibrate mode only.

Gift Cards

Refresh Day Spa & Salon gift cards are available in any dollar amount and may be used for Spa Services and Spa Boutique purchases.  Choose from one of our packages or create a customized experience.  Gift cards are beautifully presented bearing our distinctive Refresh Day Spa & Salon colours.  Guests who have purchased a gift card must notify reception at time of booking. Guests must bring in the gift card at time of service in order to be honoured.  All gift card purchases are non refundable.

Groups - Tipping the Therapist

It is customary, and in line with spa etiquette to tip the therapist after the treatment.  A normal tip is 20% of the total bill, so be sure to figure that into the cost of your treatment.  So what’s the number one spa etiquette tip for your treatment experience?  Relax and enjoy yourself!

In House Spa Etiquette

How much to undress?  You can decide how much you take off.  Proper spa etiquette says that you should be comfortable during your experience, and so the professional will allow you to remain in your comfort level.  During the treatment, the spa professional will likely drape you with a towel, and only uncover those parts of your body that they’re working on.  During some treatments, such as a body  scrub, a towel sometimes isn’t used, so be sure to ask beforehand so you won’t be surprised.

Spa Conversation

Whether or not you talk during the experience is entirely up to you.  Spa Etiquette allows you to make that decision based on your actions.  If you begin the session by talking, the therapist will likely follow the lead and talk during the entire process, but if you remain silent, it should be a clear indicator to the therapist that you want to enjoy the experience in silence.  If you really want to be quiet, but the therapist is happily chatting away, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to tell him or her that you prefer quiet.

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